In this client case study special, Louise Hamer-Brown, our very own Client Marketing Director, speaks to Ioanna Meli, Online Marketing Manager at Hiscox.

Hiscox is a leader in specialist insurance. They are experts in covering a wide range of personal and commercial risks and new users on Cheetah Messaging. In this conversation, Louise and Ioanna discuss the experience of moving to the platform and going live at the time COVID-19 started to turn the world upside-down.

Hear why they decided to take such a leap, the benefits they’re starting to reap - such as triggered emails and adapting customer content - and how else Cheetah Digital helps their business in the highly regulated Financial Service Industry.

It was a hot topic in the summer of 2020 and it's just as relevant today, maybe even more so! Revisit our conversation with David Kepets - now Senior Director, Enterprise CX Design & Strategy at Cheetah Digital.   

In this special episode of Uncaged Wisdom - with its own accompanying video! - Kayla, Julian, and David discuss the importance of innovative email design and the accompanying strategies we deliver at Cheetah to make emails come alive.

On this special episode of Uncaged Wisdom, we’re like the cat that got the cream and is now thinking about the best place to do its business. You could say we’re looking for the pick of the litter.

Carrying on with these feline idioms, the cat has certainly not got the tongue of today’s guest. Here to talk to us about some of the unique characteristics of being a digital marketer for a subscription-based retailer, we welcome Matthew Seifert, Senior Director of Retention and Monetization at PrettyLitter. Matthew is fully responsible for the customer and their growth.

PrettyLitter, for any cats not in the know, is a subscription-based retailer providing their customers with an odor-controlled & health monitoring cat litter delivered straight to their door. Powered by Cheetah Digital, they have created a variety of cross-channel messaging journeys, across the entire customer lifecycle, using email and SMS to educate, support, and sell to customers. 

What is this, a crossover episode? 

In this special edition of Uncaged Wisdom, we’ll be checking our vitals to see if Personalization is alive and well in the world of digital marketing. To discuss this topic with us, Patrick Tripp, Cheetah Digital’s SVP of Product Marketing, and perhaps even more importantly, the host of PULSE - Cheetah Digital’s Product Podcast.

Hear all about how brand marketers can orchestrate real-time interactions across all channels and touchpoints.

He puts the Loyal in Loyalty, it's in his DNA…

Today our pre-packaged subject, straight off the shelves, is the exploration of loyalty programs within the grocery and supermarket industry. To talk all about this Julian and Kayla invited Andy Kulina to Uncage his Wisdom. Andy is the Head of Loyalty in EMEA, and host of Cheetah’s Loyalty Royalty Roundtable events.

They say that you can only really see where you’re going in the future if you take the time to understand your past...

We’re starting 2021 as we mean to go on, with a guest of real MVP quality. This week our fellow Cheetah Lindsey Buxman, Strategic Accounts Executive, speaks to Julian and Kayla about some of the common trends she has seen when working closely with clients and prospects throughout 2020. In particular, we’re looking at what challenges marketing professionals are looking to solve when inviting Cheetah Digital to be part of the conversation.

This episode can also be seen in two distinct parts. The first 20 minutes specifically looking at which parts of Cheetah’s Customer Engagement Suite have really taken hold over the past 12 months. In the final 10 minutes, Lindsey shares with us some hints and tips on how to be successful at developing relationships exclusively through Zoom, a dramatic change we’ve all had to adapt to and one that is likely to stay with us during the first part of 2021. All in all some tremendous learnings from the front line.

In this episode of Uncaged Wisdom, we’re joined by Katherine Mamontoff - General Manager of Online & Omni-Channel, for Estée Lauder Companies. Katherine recently joined us on the recent Retail Industry Panel we hosted at Signals 20

It’s more important than ever for retailers to find engaging and interactive ways to connect with their customers. With fierce competition in place, retailers have to look beyond product pushes, coupons, and constant selling. As consumer behavior changes rapidly, retailers who have leaned into digital transformation are quickly adjusting and adapting.

In this session, you’ll learn how improving digital undertakings like cross-channel messaging, interactive experiences, and making online shopping all over more convenient will set retailers up not just for today, but for the future.

For anyone who hasn’t listened to ‘How Retail Marketers are Adapting to Extraordinary Changes in Consumer Shopping Behaviors,’ it can be found below:

In this episode, hear Katherine’s full, pre-panel chat with Julian and Kayla.

In this episode of Uncaged Wisdom, we’re joined by Everton Stewart, Senior Manager Information Technology, Cayman Airways. Everton recently joined us on the recent Travel & Hospitality Industry Panel we hosted at Signals 20

An insightful session for those working in the airline sector, especially those operating a comprehensive Loyalty program.

For anyone who hasn’t listened to ‘How Marketers in Travel & Hospitality are Taking on an Unpredictable Year and Beyond’ it can be found below:

In this episode hear Everton’s full, pre-panel, chat with Julian and Kayla.

This week our fellow Cheetah Louise Hamer-Brown, Global Customer Marketing Director, speaks to Isabel Rivero, Chief Marketing Officer of Emailing Network.

Emailing Network is a digital publishing group with 11+ years of experience, and big users of Cheetah Digital. In this conversation Louise and Isabel discuss the recent platform upgrade they made, migrating from Cheetah’s legacy emailing platform and onto our Customer Engagement Suite. Here they will be using  Cheetah Messaging, Cheetah Experiences, and the Engagement Data Platform (EDP).

Listen to why they decided to take such a leap and the benefits they are expecting to reap.

In this episode of Uncaged Wisdom, we’re joined by Holly Moorland - Director, Customer Engagement Platforms & MarTech, at Hilton Hotels. Holly recently joined us on the recent Travel & Hospitality Industry Panel we hosted at Signals 20

Topics include;

  • How has Hilton approached communicating with its customers, guests, and loyalty members during these challenging times?
  • What level of Personalization does Hilton attempt, and has this changed due to the types of communications being sent? 
  • Have there been any specific lessons from handling the COVID-19 crisis that Hilton can implement long term?

For anyone who hasn’t listened to ‘How Marketers in Travel & Hospitality are Taking on an Unpredictable Year and Beyond,’ it can be found below:

In this episode, hear Holly’s full, pre-panel chat with Julian and Kayla.

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